Corwyn-Reinhardt Campaign

Reinhardt's past as a Guard

Background info

Reinhardt’s first year as a guardsman was, for the most part, uneventful. He’d made a few friends both in the Guard and out. A couple of his friends outside of the Guard, belonged to one of the local thieves guilds and, on occasion, Reinhardt would give them some information on guard rotations or be asked to act as a look-out when something questionable was going down. He was careful to not get too involved or let things endanger the general public. He didn’t want to see any real harm come to anyone. He was a guard after all. One of his friends, he dealt with often, had a companion that was particularly shady, keeping to the shadows or just in sight of his friend, but generally keeping back. After a few meetings, Reinhardt managed to get a look at the swarthy fellow and recognized him as a wererat (or skaven if you go that route). On more than one occasion, small ‘rumbles’ broke out between his friend’s guild and other street gangs. It was a given that most of these fights were fought less-than-honorably, but in each instance, Reinhardt, acting as a look-out, witnessed this wererat in action, attacking from the shadows and fighting in every underhanded way imaginable. It enjoyed its savage lifestyle and thoroughly enjoyed killing others, to the point that it made Reinhardt sick to be associated, even marginally, with such a creature. Whether or not, it was the race or the individual that sickens him, remains to be seen, as he has not run into any others of its kind.

During his second year, a local merchant (with connections to the Guard, merchants guild, and thieves guilds) often hired Reinhardt as one of his bodyguards when he had to travel to nearby towns for business. He picked these same men often, knowing them all to be tactful and trustworthy enough, where he didn’t feel the need to hide his dealings. On one such trip, the caravan was set upon by a small horde of, what Reinhardt would learn later to be, ungors. More than two dozen of the wretches swarmed in with reckless abandon. Most of the bodyguards were indeed skilled fighters and experienced guardsmen. While Reinhardt wasn’t as tough as the others, the merchant found him more personable, so he was often assigned to personally guard the merchant, which was the case on this trip. So he was riding inside the coach when the attack came. The guards were out-numbered 4 to 1, but positioned themselves around the small caravan, trying to keep them from the main wagon. Two of the beasts managed to get through the line and charged the coach. Reinhardt hopped out, and without thinking, quickly cast a spell and shouted a Command to ‘Die!’ at the first ungor. The beast of course kept coming, as Reinhardt realized he didn’t speak their language, and thus, the spell wouldn’t work. As luck would have it, in its haste, the beast did trip over a root, falling forward and impaling itself on Reinhardt’s sword. Quickly extracting his sword, he spun and met the second beast’s clumsy charge with an easy slash across the chest, killing it in one blow. The other guardsmen put up a good fight, and in the end, all of the ungors were killed without losing a guard. The merchant, thinking he had underestimated Reinhardt’s fighting prowess and savagery, rewarded him for his bravery. More than one guardsmen grumbled under his breath, knowing the truth of it all, but said nothing. After returning to Falconspike, Reinhardt spent the entire reward taking the other guardsmen ‘tavern hopping’, to smooth things over…



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