Corwyn-Reinhardt Campaign

The Decanter of Manifold Libation

Reinhardt's first adventure.

I picked up my new cloak from Xavius today. I must say, he and his lovely assistant, Ashara, did a wonderful job on it. It is well beyond anything I expected. The craftsmanship and enchantments placed upon it are exquisite. I must remember to get them something as a ‘thank you’ at some point.

It is always good to talk with my friend and mentor, Xavius, and today was no exception. After introducing me to a fine port, we talked for a bit. During our conversation, Xavius asked if I would retrieve something for him. He explained that a friend and colleague of his, Mallory, was killed some time ago by an explosion in his own tower, collapsing it. An alchemical experiment gone wrong was the perceived cause. This item, the Decanter of Manifold Libation by name, had been given as a gift to Mallory, by Xavius. It was crafted by Xavius’ mentor, Graemus, and he said he’d like it back for ‘sentimental’ reasons. Given the name of the item and Xavius’ love for quality drink, I can guess that is not the only reason he’d like it returned. I write this in jest, of course. Xavius had thought the Decanter lost in the explosion, but recently discovered otherwise. He has something called a ‘Seeking Stone’ that can be attuned to an item to ensure it is never lost. This particular stone is attuned to the Decanter and it still glows faintly, indicating that the treasure is still intact. Xavius also had a letter he’d received a long time ago, from Mallory, with some kind of riddle intermingled in the text, perhaps a clue, regarding a possible safe entrance into the tower. An opportunity to search a wizard’s tower is an intriguing one, so I, of course, accepted.

Armed with the Seeking Stone, the letter, my new cloak, and my wits, I ventured off to find the village of Woody Glen, the town nearest to Mallory’s tower. Before arriving there, however, I was set upon by a pair of highwaymen attempting to ambush passers-by. Not the brightest of fellows, they were easily swayed by a little clever banter and the prospect of 3 gold coins. Luckily, they seemed quite happy with their take and I persuaded them to go home and not bother anyone else.

Woody Glen is a quaint little village with much character. For such a small place, I was pleasantly surprised to find several excellent shops in town and a wonderful bakery. I acquired a beautiful hair comb from a rather peculiar gnome that likes hats (and gift wrapping) a little too much. I do hope Ashara likes it. I hope to get a small cask of Green Valley Stout for Xavius, as he said it was quite good. I’ll get that when I return from the tower.

I found my way to the tower easily enough. After perusing the letter, I made my way over to a patio of sorts and found the ‘secret’ entrance, though it took me some time. The riddle was beyond my reach, at the time, but magic served me well this day and I made my way inside with the casting of a couple of spells. As I’m writing this, I am in a long, dark hallway thankfully undisturbed for some time. It seemed safe enough for a short nap, so I took one to regain some of my spells, and now I am ready to continue.



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