Corwyn-Reinhardt Campaign

The Decanter of Manifold Libation Pt.3

After searching the ruined lab (and taking whatever I could recover), I headed back out into the hallway in my continuing search for the Decanter. The Stone lead me to one particular wall, that was shared by the study and the storeroom. My search for a secret door proved inconclusive, or perhaps conclusive in the fact that there wasn’t one. The Stone, however, insisted that the Decanter was very close by, so I made my search more thorough.

Searching the fireplace, I discovered a rather odd phenomenon. There was a lever that, when pulled, lit a fire to varying degrees of fury. Yet when the fire was put out, the stone remained cool to the touch. Upon further scrutinization, I found a small slot in the ceiling of the fireplace. Having only my sword to use (I must remember to get it repaired…and perhaps buy a proper tool for such endeavors), I carefully chipped away at the slot until I could see inside. I recognized the small contraption as something my father has in his wine cabinet to measure the temperature inside. This one, however, was connected to a small set of gears. I backed out and started a roaring fire. Sure enough, after a few minutes I could hear the subtle, but unmistakable ‘click’ of a lock opening. With only a slight tug on the mantle, a drawer of sorts opened up. Inside, I found a couple of scrolls, a bracelet, a locket w/a letter, an uncut mess of a diamond, a curious piece of ivory shaped into a feather, and lastly, the object of my quest, the Decanter of Manifold Libation!

As I put all of the items into my satchel, I eyed the Spectator carefully. He didn’t seem to be bothered by my actions, so a rather mischievous thought crossed my mind. I’m not afraid to admit that my thrill-seeking may cost me dearly at some point, but life is meant to be enjoyed, is it not? Some danger and excitement is good every now and then. It gets the blood flowing, as they say. Precautions should be taken though, as I am not completely reckless. So, before taking any action, I cast a spell of Sanctuary on myself with the hope that the ever watchful Spectator might leave me be for a few minutes. I proceeded to the liquor cabinet and procured a few bottles of spirits. It didn’t seem to mind, but I didn’t want to push my luck by spending more precious time at the bottles when there was a marvelous collection of books to peruse! I did manage to slip that curious gnome gift book into my satchel, but as I tried to abscond with the next book, the Spectator convinced me that what I was doing was not entirely welcome and it would be in my best interest to leave the study. Wisdom (unlikely, but I like to think so anyway) and his use of magic made me agree to his course of action, so I humbly left.

I have what I came for, plus a few other goodies for myself, so it is time to go. However, I must decide what is to be done about Fawn…



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