Corwyn-Reinhardt Campaign

The Decanter of Manifold Libation - The aftermath...literally!

My trek back to Woody Glen was uneventful, thankfully. I made a few purchases (a small keg of Green Valley Stout, some tools I might need for future endeavors, and had my sword repaired), collected my horses, and headed out. I was anxious to get back to Rookhaven and look over my new found acquisitions. Upon arrival, I offered Xavius the Decanter (and the keg of Stout) and Ashara, her gaudily-wrapped present. With a wide smile, Xavius insisted we tap the keg immediately. Ashara was appreciative of the lovely hair comb I’d gotten her, though her reaction was curious. Not negative, just curious. Perhaps she is unaccustomed to receiving gifts. She is a bit of an enigma to me, but a pleasant one. In any event, I was happy to show my appreciation of their fine work on my cloak.

The next morning we set about the task of going through everything I had procured from Mallory’s tower. There were a few magical items that needed to be Identified, so we did that, then settled on an agreement of how to divide our shares. We both made out well, my biggest prize being an enchanted bracelet that can summon flames to my hand and hold a spell or 2 of my own. I’m sure it will serve me well! I also acquired a few other minor magical items, a couple of scrolls, and a book titled “What to Get a Gnome Who Has Everything” – by Perrin Weel, Bard of Bards. More of a curiosity than a treasure, I think!

I also told Xavius of Fawn and showed him the locket (and letter) and of my concerns of the predicament of that situation. He told me he would contact an acquaintance of his, who was more knowledgeable of Demon lore, and find out what he could. I do hope we can find a solution that benefits everyone.

I’ve decided to move on to Falconspire and perhaps see an old friend of mine that might be able to help me sell or trade one of these scrolls for something I might find more useful. There is also a bookseller in the village of Brannon (on the other side of Falconspire) that has an annual ‘sale’ and that will be coming up soon. I thoroughly enjoy the prospect of finding some odd or rare books and at this kind of place, you never know what you’ll find!



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