Xavius is a middle-aged, heavyset wizard who’s full-head and short beard of red hair is now streaked with grey. Physically he is a fairly imposing figure, being both tall (6’1”) and large (easily 280-300 lbs). A good deal of that weight is muscle, however, and it’s not uncommon for him to be mistake for a woodsman or farmer, for Xavius generally eschews the traditional robes, pointy hat and slippers so many spell-casters favor for more practical garb.

His personality is also not in keeping with sorcerous convention – he is boisterous and friendly and more likely to be found in the local pub hefting a pint with the local lads than in some dusty library.

Kind and generous and well-liked by common folk, Xavius has little patience for formality and bureaucracy. His willingness to speak his mind regardless of the discomfort it might cause them has made him less than popular with some of the local lords and government officials.


Xavius lives at his keep, referred to as Rookhaven by some, which is located on an island in a expansive marshes known as Fenmere. The nearest outposts of “civilization” are the village of Orlane to the west, and the small riverside town of Arnshold, which is located a few miles further upstream where the River Anara branches. Xavius visits Orlane frequently, usually to get a pint or two at one of the local pubs.

History: Xavius was a university roommate with Reinhardt’s uncle Ethan many years ago.


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