Reinhardt Van Horn



STR : 9 (8 muscle/10 stamina)
INT : 15 (13 reason/17 knowledge)
WIS : 15 (17 intuition/13 willpower)
DEX : 14 (12 aim/16 balance)
CON : 9
CHA : 15
Perception: 13

Ht.: 5’10” Wt.: 160 lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Age: 25

Level: 4
Class: Priest
Kit: Noble (from Skills and Powers)
Alignment: Neutral
Hit points: 15
Spell points: 45+24 (from ring) = 69 total
Armor Class: 16

+1 to hit with long sword (human trait)
Combat bonus (fights as a fighter)
I.D. Plants and animals
Proficiency group crossover (wizards and fighters)
Wizardly priest (cast Universal magic as priest sphere)
Weapon Allowance (long sword)
Thief abilities (Thieves Cant, Pick locks: 37%, Find/remove traps: 35%)
Spell duration increase (spells last 2 ‘units’ longer than normal)
Priest spheres: Major access to All, Charm, Guardian, Time, and Travelers
Armor restriction (Studded leather or worse)
Fanaticism (knowledge)
Obscure Knowledge
Moderate Phobia: Heights
Moderate Phobia: Crowds

W.P.: Long Sword (Weapon of choice, +1 to hit/Expertise, attack as specialist)


Ancient History: 15
Ancient Languages: 10
Animal Handling: 9
Appraising: 13
Arcanology: 8
Bureaucracy: 14
Etiquette: 14
Healing: 10
Heraldry: 14
Herbalism: 11
Local History: 14
Observation: 9
Read/Write Common: 13
Religion: 12
Research: 11
Riding, land-based (horse): 11
Sage knowledge, History: 7
Spellcraft: 7
Survival, woodland: 11

Equipment: (all of the finest make)
Leather Armor (deep medium brown, with gold stitching)
Beautifully crafted long sword (+1 damage)
Magic ring (+24 spell points)
Sinclair’s Supreme Satchel
Comfortable riding boots (brown)
Fine riding horse, White (“Lightning”)
Fine draft/pack horse, Dark gray (“Thunder”)
Saddle bags
Grappling hook
Assorted parchment, vellum, inks, quills, scroll tubes, wax, signet ring
Magnifying glass
Tent, bedroll, cooking utensils
Books (reading, history, geographical)
Belt pouch
Rations, water/wine skins
2 small jars of healing salve
Cloak, red (exquisitely woven and enchanted w/beautifully crafted clasp)(Altered Cloak of Protection +2 with Scarab of Protection clasp)


This is the introduction of Reinhardt Van Horn. He was born into a mid-level noble family. The 7th and last child. Being so ‘low on the totem pole’, he hasn’t had to worry about too many noble responsibilities. He’s not in-line for any real position of power, so the family has cut him, and perhaps his closest siblings (age-wise), some slack in any courtly business and/or politics. As a youngster, he was getting his nose into everything. Curious in the extreme to say the least. Thirsty for all kinds of knowledge, he was formally tutored and was an excellent student. Given his quest for knowledge, he began following the teachings of Faldren (god of wisdom, knowledge, and inner strength), though he wasn’t an official member of the clergy.

During his pre-teen and teen years, he was schooled academically, as well as martially. He learned to fight using a longsword with great skill. (He chose longsword since it’s what most nobles would carry, and the only weapon he has any real skill in) Part of his academic schooling included (since he pushed for it) some magical instruction. He learned the basics of spellcasting and a general knowledge of it. When he was 18, he joined the City Guard. Not because he wanted to, but because his parents ‘persuaded’ him to. They thought he needed a bit more discipline. During his 2 year service, he made several friends, including a few of the more shady characters in the city. They persuaded him to ‘look the other way’ on more than one occasion. He agreed to do this in exchange for learning a few skills that would help him in his travels, after his service to the Guard.

It’s been a few years since his Guard service and he’s an adventurer now. His family still ‘funds’ his lifestyle and expeditions. He’s brought back many books and artifacts that have been added to the family library and museum. They tolerate his ‘freewheeling’ because he does bring them better standing among the common folk and their library is among the finest in the land. He checks in, from time-to-time, on some of the family holdings around the country, while he’s adventuring, as well.

He’s quite serious and disciplined in matters scholarly. Apart from that, he’s very laid back and enjoys spending time in a quiet, local tavern. He gets along well with most anyone he meets and has many friends and aquiantances, from nobles and bureaucrats to commoners and thieves, though he himself won’t do anything too underhanded. He prefers to keep things civil and reserves violence as a last resort to solve problems.

Reinhardt Van Horn

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