The "Prince of the Gutters" (by his own reckoning at least!)


(Entered in a mostly OOC format for now. I’ll work on getting some more specific IC info added in the future.)

OOC info for Scott: Warwick (pronounced “Worrick”) is loosely based on the character Badger from the Firefly series (not sure if you’ve seen it, if not it’s a crime that needs to be rectified ASAP). Based on him in that he’s got the same sort of build, same shift-eyed look about him, tends to be very insecure about/hostile to people who think they’re better than him. There are differences, however:

IC knowledge for Reinhardt
- Warwick is not evil, though he definitely views the law as a bothersome obstacle for an ingenious individual like himself. He makes an effort to avoid being involved in truly distasteful activities that result in the weak and innocent being harmed, though he wouldn’t blink an eye at a scheme that fleeced a nobleman of every last copper piece.
”’Cept for you, Reinhart. You’re not all stiff and greedy like some of those other folks.”

- Though he’s quick and nimble enough to be a thief, Warwick is known for never being directly involved in illegal activities. He’s much more a middleman, someone who deals in information and contacts.
”I just might know a guy who’d be interested in that thing you’re selling/who might have that thing you need/who might have the answer to your question.”

- Although Warwick has a reputation as someone who would rat out his mother to save his own skin, Reinhart knows this isn’t true. Warwick has a knack for being able to give a whole lot of information without disclosing anything that is actually useful. This is a sore spot for Warwick who on the one hand knows it makes him vulnerable to physical threats from both law enforcement and the unscrupulous elements who think he’s a good source of information, and on the other hand can’t really protest about it too loudly or said law enforcement and unscrupulous elements will realize he’s snookered them. Again.
”It’s not that the roughing up is unexpected, mind you, it’s just completely unnecessary. S’like nobody bothers with the fine art of intimidation anymore, they just go right to the thumping. S’a bloody shame, really.”

- Fortunately for Warwick he is really good at gathering information and understanding what knowledge will be useful to whom and how valuable it is. Thus most of the organizations have standing orders to leave him alone (some even help him when necessary), because he knows where a lot of bodies are buried (literally and figuratively) and if he doesn’t know, he can probably find out.
”Respect, that’s all I ask. I don’t ‘spect the high and mighties to invite me to afternoon tea, I just don’t appreciate them mucking up the place.” (From a conversation Reinhardt had upon finding Warwick nursing some minor injuries amongst broken furniture at the Dark Horse a few years back. Reinhardt recalls hearing that the two thugs responsible and the merchant who employed them all seemed as surprised as the gate wardens when a recently stolen necklace belonging to the Lord Mayor’s niece was found amongst the goods in their wagon as they were leaving town.)

- Warwick can be found in Falconspire, City of, a large city who’s central location makes it the focus of trade in the area. While he occasionally is found in Trader’s Square, the center of legitimate commerce in Falconspire, he is more often found in a back booth at the Dark Horse Inn, a very…modest drinking house that doesn’t actually rent any of its rooms out. The Dark Horse is located in the lower ward of the Merchant’s Quarter.


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