Tag: Places


  • The Dark Horse Inn

    A slightly rundown/seedy little in located in the lower ward of the Merchant's Quarter in the city of [[Falconspire, City of | Falconspire, City of]]. While not particular unclean or ramshackle, the place definitely has a more "common" atmosphere about it …

  • Falconspire, City of

    Falconspire is one of the largest and oldest city in the Realm of Nuindor. Its central location makes it the primary focus of trade. The largest and best-maintained roads in the kingdom lead from the city to all corners of the civilized territories as …

  • Fenmere

    Often referred to as "the Fenmere", this vast region of marshes is rich in natural resources but sparsely populated by the men, which suits the local lizardmen and other inhabitants just fine.

  • Arnshold

    A small town located at the southernmost branch of the River Anara. Notable mainly for its proximity to [[Rookhaven | Rookhaven]] and the [[Fenmere | Fenmere]].

  • Orlane

    A small village near Xavius' keep - the closest human settlement of note. Arnshold is a days' travel up the small tributary (TRIBUTARY NAME NEEDED) where (SAME TRIBUTARY) meets the River Anara.