Order of Aragon

A religious knightly order dedicated to the defense of the Kingdom and the overall greater good.

While technically under the royal command structure, it a rare occasion when a military officer outside of the Order gives a Knight an order. The knights of the Order, known by the common folks simply as “White Knights” because of their unique(WC) white armor, are more of an independent force of good in the land than a branch of the military.

They roam about, righting wrongs, enforcing the King’s Law, and defending the country when necessary. Given their status, reports of their individual actions vary greatly in terms of the timeliness with which they’re reported, as matters of great urgency may be brought to the appropriate local authority by a knight directly, whereas matters involving some manner of politics often take a circuitous route through the Order’s bureaucracy before winding up on some lord’s desk months after such information might allow them to interfere.

The King’s Secret Service occasionally butts heads with the Order and often tries to keep track of individual knights lest they stumble across one of the “gray activities” that are occurring for the benefit of the Kingdom in the long run, and feel compelled to interfere.

Order of Aragon

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